Photo Gallery blog

Here are pictures that I took this week for my photojournalism class. This was my first time going out with a digital camera and trying to figure out the best settings for that one amazing picture. A lot of my pictures were dark or to bright because I was having a difficult time of adjusting the settings. Then some pictures were blurry because I was moving the camera too much. But at the end I was able to get some pictures that I was proud that I took.

Video Blog

Ohio State is the number one ranked team in the country. They opened their season on September 7th against Virginia Tech. Ohio State would go on to win with ease 42-24 victory. Ohio State’s wide receiver/running back, Braxton Miller, had a run that could be a play of the year. It was one of the best spin moves you will ever see.

Picture blog

Free photo from Boston’s title town talk. This photo of the logo of the two teams playing tonight is from Rob Zietz The photo is from pininterst.

The NFL season is finally here. Tonight is the first game of the season. The match up is an intriguing one between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. The Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champs whose starting quaterback has been in the news all summer. Tom Brady was charged with deflating footballs during the AFC championship game but has been cleared to play. A lot of story lines in this opening game of the season.

My first post

I am a junior at St. Cloud State. This is my first time working with and creating a website. I am creating this website for my Mass Communications 240 class. I am a Mass Communications major with preference with print journalism. I am also minoring in English.  I have about two years left before graduation.