Final Video Projet

This video project was made for Mass Communications 240. The project was to help us learn how to work with a Panasonic AC90 camera and take different shots with the camera. Then be able to take those shots and upload them to on the computer. Then using Adobe Premier Pro CC we learned how to edit the video and add music and titles to the video. We did our video on James W. Miller Center which is the library on St. Cloud State University’s Campus.





Shot List:

0:00 Shot 1-Main title slide appear with wide angle shot of the James Miller Center

00:15- Weather shot of the North entrance of the James Center

00:25 -Extreme Wideshot of the inside of the Miller Center

00:54- Low Angle shot of the Library

01:00- zoom in and zoom out of a welcome sign in the library

01:08- Birds eye view from the second floor of the library

01:14- Handheld and fellow shot of a sign in the library

01:25-Handheld shot of an architect piece on the second floor of the library

01:32- Close-up of the husky dog at the library.